Create Teams that Work

Companies suffer a productivity loss of between 20% and 30% due to unhappy and poorly engaged employees.
Bad hires (people leaving within the first 6 months) cost an average of £32,000 (€46,000, $47,000) in recruitment fees, wasted wages, loss of productivity and time.
Designed by Behavioural Psychologists, TeamPlayerHR is a revolutionary new patented website solution that supports an increase in workplace productivity, reduces the problem of bad hires and drives high-performance team building for employers.

What is TeamPlayerHR

The TeamPlayerHR helps you to develop organizational and job seeker "profiles" that provide the best match between job applicants and employers. The "profile" focuses on
  • Workplace environment
  • Styles of workplace interaction
  • Opportunities for problem solving
  • Management style
A higher degree of compatibility leads to a better fit that is likely to lead to greater job satisfaction, better performance, and longer retention.

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